Water cycle Essay

This essay will discuss the importance of water, how it is distributed on the planet, water cycle and biological diversity.

The water cycle is the way in which water circulates on the planet, is transported above and below the earth, in its cycle it evaporates from the ground into the atmosphere and returns to the surface of the earth in the form of rain or Snow, doing a kind of recycling.
Surface water takes months or years to puff and recharge on its own and the period of groundwater recycling is hundreds of years.
Groundwater is the main source of ague potable for humans, usually the groundwater is found on the planet.
Biological diversity refers to the various people, animals, microorganisms and ecosystems in which they live.
The water used or drunk by humans has already been passed by at least fish, trees, bacteria, soil and by the same man.
Plants, soil and animals maintain the hydrological cycle and help purify water, but plants also consume nutrients that prevent them from reaching the water and there are other plants that remove toxic substances from water,
From the text I can conclude that water is the main source of life on the planet and that is why it is one of the resources that must be conserved and improved every day, becoming aware of its efficient use, conservation of forest plantations that help maintain the quality Of the water to be potable, d as well as treating the wastewater to help its rehabilitation and purification faster.