Various Essay Examples

Sample essays, it is important that you know that in order to write you must do it in prose, it is what flows from your thinking, such as social, artistic, political, cultural, etc.

Before starting with the essay examples. I will explain what it is and what are its tools or characteristics necessary to write an essay.

The definition of essay is: literary genre, in didactic prose, dealing with philosophical, artistic, historical, etc.

As you have read the definition, the word prose stands out, but what is prose?

Prose: It is the ordinary form of spoken or written language, which is not subject to the rules of rhythm and decay proper to poetry.

Then when you hear or read them say: That person writes in prose. This is to say, that is a person who writes content in which exposes with his own word and thought, obviously very good spelling a content of self interest or for others. It does not have rhyme or tenth. It is simply content. The theme is variable since it is not aimed at just one. The extension of an essay has no limit, it may well be a page, that is. Fill a letter-sized sheet of content. Or if the subject requires it may be a little more extensive.

Within the essay examples, there are artistic, cultural, social, historical, personal, etc. themes.

Essay Examples
Examples of ecological essaying

“Our land is home to animals and flora, there are many species unknown to humans and others extinct, and we only know in photo or video. In many parts of the world, a great pollution is occurring, which means that the habitat of animals and plants is changing and, as a result, the extinction of life on earth is beginning. The human being, although he apparently does not feel threatened yet, suffers the present havoc, since he no longer owns drinking water in his regions and has to be channeled from other remote places, it is necessary that we take care of our home, called the land of the opposite As time goes on we will also die out. ”

Examples of social essay

At the moment the young people find by changes in their way of thinking and living, possibly due to the changes that occur in governments and also reflected in the family, perhaps the economy. But young people are more awake, and can hardly be manipulated. In good that there are people with initiative and much desire to progress. Although there are still people who lose interest and only prefer to live their life in a way that is easier. It is necessary that society awakens and tries to channel correctly. I consider that it is the apathy that borders that these young people do not offer positive things. If we were all interested in what happens to others, our society would be different. So it is important to abandon the disdain and bet more for solidarity among all. ”

Tips for doing the essay
With these two essay examples, perhaps short will allow you to have an idea how to start writing and share your knowledge or experiences. Before starting to inform yourself about the subject so that your essay is very well fed, you can consult with people who are experts or at least have some degree of knowledge. And truthfully your essay will be the best of your class. And it’s as if you’re telling a story or a novel.

Example of argumentative essay:
Title: The death penalty

“The successive criminal acts advance on society. All registered by the media give rise to the rebirth of public opinion in favor of the legislation of the death penalty. This capital punishment has existed for several decades in countries where their communities agree to consider it a punishment according to the damage caused. There are many feelings that emerge in the society that advances in favor of the capital punishment: the thirst for revenge, justice for the damage caused, the anger and the pain does not allow them to realize that the death penalty has several negative and sufficient factors To think that it should not be part of the Constitution. Many can defend it, however, it is necessary to consider factors that are opposed to its application.